...living, leading, and leaving a legacy since 09/10/01

Wiggins Wealth Strategies provides solutions for business owners and their families with significant net worth, high income business leaders, and charitable organizations to live, lead, and leave a legacy by engaging in proactive and strategic conversations today in the areas of life priorities, asset management* and protection, business succession planning and exit strategies, executive compensation, and charitable planning.

As one author states, direction - not intention - determines our destination.

At Wiggins Wealth Strategies, we believe that managing expectations and risk, especially during times of uncertainty and change, are just as important as managing returns. We engage in truthful conversations with full disclosure and a laser focus on client values.

Wiggins Wealth Strategies uses strategic alliances and resources to assist clients in achieving their goals and objectives through a team based approach between the advisor and client to develop customized solutions.

Please use this web site as a resource, and do not hesitate to contact our office for additional information or to schedule a meeting.